Griffin, Third Man Records launching ‘Third Man 45’ iPhone 4S cases

Are you itching to show the world just how much you love vinyl records? If you have an iPhone 4S and don’t mind covering said iPhone with a case, you now have the chance to do just that.

Nashville-based Griffin Technologies announced on Wednesday a partnership with Third Man Records, founded by The White Stripes frontman Jack White, to bring a new vinyl-themed “Third Man 45” iPhone 4S case.

This isn’t just an iPhone 4S case with a picture of a vinyl painted on the back, however. The back of each case will have a custom-cut of a genuine 7″ vinyl record attached right onto the protective iPhone case.

The Third Man 45 iPhone 4S case will be available in three different flavors, including a yellow, black or white frame with a black vinyl back from Third Man Records’ label. Not only that, but you’ll get three interchangeable vinyl records to insert into your case, provided you throw down some extra cash. Those include:

• 1 white vinyl record back, cut from The White Stripes’ “Candy Cane Children” single.
• 1 black vinyl record back, cut from The Raconteurs’ “Steady, As She Goes” single, from their first album, Broken Boy Soldiers. These Raconteurs inserts represent the first pressing of this single, soon to be available as a reissue from Third Man.
• 1 yellow vinyl record back, cut from The Dead Weather single “Treat Me Like Your Mother,” from their first album, Horehound.

The Third Man 45 iPhone 4S cases will set you back $29.99 each, and the 3-pack interchangeable vinyl inserts will be available for $19.99. Both are available at or