Britney Spears’ New Album Coming In 2015, Iggy Azalea Featured On Track

A new Britney Spears album will drop in 2015, and one collaboration has already been confirmed. According to Mail Online, Iggy Azalea recently revealed that she and Brit have recorded a track together. The Australian star also confirmed that the song will be the first single off of Britney’s new album, which will be released sometime next year.

“We have a song, which is going to be her first single, coming out next year. She said she would like to work with me in an interview and they reached out. We recorded a few different things and then one of those just ended up being, I think, undeniably great. Hopefully everybody will get to hear it at the beginning of next year. I think people are really going to love and enjoy it. It’s a really fun track,” said Iggy of the new song.

Britney Spears has not mentioned her new album, but fans have speculated about new music for the past several months. Since Brit has been in Las Vegas for her residency at Planet Hollywood, it seemed like a great time to record some new music — and to do so quietly. Thanks to Iggy, however, the secret is now out — and fans couldn’t be more excited.

According to Billboard, Ryan Seacrest also confirmed the news of a new Britney album. The first single could drop sometime in January, as it has already been recorded. So far, no word on who else Spears might collaborate with on upcoming tracks, and no word on what the album might be titled. Who you like to see the pop star team up with?

Britney Spears has been in the news a lot this week, thanks to her Women’s Health Magazine cover. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Spears fans were delighted with the pictures in the spread, which show that the pop star still has it, even at age 33. There has been some chatter about the cover photo, and how Brit’s face looks Photoshopped, but, for the most part, people were thrilled to see Brit rocking her hot body.

As much as fans like to look at her, however, they love when she releases new music. Many are really excited to hear Brit’s new track with Izzy, but most are beyond pumped about a new Britney album in general.

Britney Spears’ last studio album, Britney Jean, was released in 2013.

[Photo courtesy of Digital Spy]