One-Man Sperm Bank Targeted By FDA

Trent Arsenault, a 36-year-old Silicon Valley computer security specialist has come under the fire of the Food and Drug Administration for providing a one-man sperm bank.

The 36-year-old doesn’t charge for his “never frozen” sperm but instead provides it for free to couple’s looking for artificial insemination services.

Arsenault told the Mercury News:

“They contact me because my sperm is fresh, not frozen … It hasn’t been quarantined for years.”

The FDA says his “firm” is distributing semen and is therefore listed as a “manufacturer of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products.”

The agencies biggest concern is that Arsenault does not take the proper steps to avoid the spread of communicable diseases.

If found guilty the security specialist could spend up to one year in prison and pay a fine up to $100,000.

With more than a dozen children fathered from his sperm and four “clients” currently impregnated he says regardless of the outcome, “I’m happy to help the rest of the 99 percent who aren’t so rich.” Arsenault says he simply wants to make the process of insemination “affordable” for people who can’t afford to pay a sperm bank thousands of dollars.

To spread his message and his sperm he shows off his personal background and sexually transmitted disease tests on the website, he also lists an organic diet meant to keep him virile.

Do you believe the Food and Drug Administration has overstepped their bounds or should Trent Arsenault shut down his one-man sperm bank until he can follow federally regulated guidelines?