‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Setting Revealed: Why Fans Aren’t Very Excited About It

The Walking Dead spinoff location has been revealed, and it looks like it’s going to have a very different feel from the original AMC series.

The pilot for the companion series is reportedly going to be set in Los Angeles, and it will begin shooting sometime in early 2015. According to TV Line, it’s unclear if the pilot will actually be shot in L.A. or if it will be shot in a different city that can double as the metropolis.

Many fans on The Spoiling Dead Facebook page weren’t happy about the setting of The Walking Dead spinoff. There were a few complaints from fans who were hoping to see how survivors deal with zombies in colder climates.

“I would have liked to know what happened to the zombies in winter…. If their frozen they can’t be much of a threat right?”

“I wish it wasn’t in Cali. Would be nice to see some place cold like Illinois or Michigan.”

Other fans complained that the companion series’ Los Angeles setting is too expected and unoriginal.

“LA really? How uninspired and somewhat predictable. The cool thing about Georgia is it’s not cliche. I would have liked to see a cold weather Northern state for some contrast, Montana, Michigan, PA……but they didn’t ask me:)”

“I’m not keen on the whole LA filming. It’s been done. The thing I love about The Walking Dead is that it’s so unique. The story line and filming in Atlanta. I mean if you wanted to do West Coast, I’d love to see Oregon, Washington or hell even Canada would be more interesting to me.”

“BAD MOVE!!!! One of the great things about TWD is that it’s set (and filmed) in Georgia, which gives it a look and feel all of its own. The spin off should have been set (and filmed) anywhere BUT L.A. As far as TV goes, now it’s just another proverbial brick in the wall.”

Twitter also had plenty to say about The Walking Dead companion series.

Walking Dead spin-off will be set in LA. As if jokes about Angelenos being zombies aren’t done to death already. http://t.co/BuA2F8J45s

— Jaime Woo (@jaimewoo) December 16, 2014

As the Inquisitr previous reported, The Walking Dead companion series’ working title is Cobalt, and it will likely take place at the beginning of the zombie outbreak. Viewers might get to see a scenario in the same vein as FX’s vampire thriller The Strain as the virus slowly spreads throughout the city. Widespread panic will ensue, and it will be interesting to see if the Cobalt survivors decide to stay in the city or flee. The Walking Dead spinoff isn’t based on a comic book like the original, so fans should have even more fun speculating about what’s going to happen to this new group of survivors.

Many key roles for The Walking Dead spinoff have already been cast. Actor Cliff Curtis (Gang Related) will play Sean Cabrera, the Rick Grimes of the Cobalt group. He’s a divorced teacher who just wants to do right by everyone in his life. The role of his rebellious teenage son Cody has not been cast yet.

Another yet-to-be cast role is that of Nancy Tompkins, a guidance counselor who likely works at the same school as Sean Cabrera. The single mom has two teenage children whose roles have been cast. Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) will play her screwed-up son Nick, and Alycia Debnam Carey (Into the Storm) will play her ambitious, level-headed daughter Ashley.

The Walking Dead spinoff will also introduce another Andrea who is described as “a somewhat wilted flower child” trying to recover from a bad marriage.

Are you excited about the location of The Walking Dead spinoff series? L.A. might be cliché, but in Cali fans could see zombie quakes, bikini-clad beach walkers, and maybe even a few celebrity zombies.

[Image credit: AMC]