University Of Vermont Frat Suspended After Rape Quiz

Officials at the University of Vermont have suspended the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity after they handed out a “rape quiz” to members of their fraternity.

The disturbing survey asked basic questions such as age and grade level alongside questions that included “If I could rape someone, who would it be?”

After the quiz was passed from a student to school administrators Annie Stevens, associate vice president for student and campus live told ABC affiliate WVNY:

“This is very appalling to us, quite shocking and quite disconcerting.”

The fraternity’s national charter also quickly responded and told its Vermont chapter to cease operations indefinitely:

“Sigma Phi Epsilon and its leadership programs are built on the concept of respect for both self and others. Any behavior that demeans women is not tolerated by the fraternity.”

Police are currently involved in the universities investigation and it’s still unclear if any possible students were specifically targeted by the survey.

Local officials and university police officers are not commenting on the incident at this time.

Do you think students involved in the rape quiz should be expelled from the University?