Flight Attendant Scalded: Angry Passenger Throws Scorching Hot Couple Of Noodles On Flight Attendant, Footage Goes Viral (Video)

Meaghan Ellis

On Thursday, Dec. 11, China-bound Thai AirAsia flight FD9101 was diverted due to a shocking altercation that took place between an angry passenger and a flight attendant. The incident, which began as a verbal sparring match, quickly escalated into a physical altercation.

According to CNN, a flight leaving from Bangkok for the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing took a devastating turn when an angry passenger threw a boiling hot cup of noodles on a flight attendant.

Apparently, the problems began when the couple boarded the plan and discovered they were seated separately. Surprisingly, the flight attendants made provisions for them to be seated together. Unfortunately, the accommodations still weren't enough to please the couple.

The guy reportedly asked the flight attendant for a cup of hot water for his girlfriend's noodles. When the flight attendant returned with the cup and charged the man $2, he reportedly became angry because he wanted his change in Chinese currency. He also demanded a receipt for the purchase. His demands reportedly sparked yet another argument. As the argument continued, the man's girlfriend allegedly doused the flight attendant with the hot cup of noodles.

However, that's not all. Things continued to escalate because they refused to apologize. They also became angrier when they discovered that the plane was turning around. He even took his rant a step further as authorities boarded to have him and his girlfriend removed. He insisted he had a bomb and even threatened to blow up the plane.

Footage of the jaw-dropping incident was uploaded to YouTube on Monday, Dec. 15. It's something you'd definitely have to see to believe. The video has since gone viral. The guy can be seen shouting and ranting, making demands to the flight attendants and crew members. Needless to say, his actions are quite shocking to watch.

The flight attendant was reportedly scalded and treated for burns by other crew members before being transported to a local hospital in Bangkok. Now, many are wondering what will happen next. According to the New York Daily News, there is a possibility the couple could face charges, and possibly jail time, for assault.

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[Image via YouTube]