Muslim Student Omar Mahmood Kicked Off College Newspaper After Writing Controversial Column

A Muslim student was reportedly fired from his college newspaper and then had his apartment vandalized after he wrote a column in another publication that poked fun at political correctness and victimhood on the University of Michigan campus.

Michigan Daily staffer Omar Mahmood wrote an op-ed for The Michigan Review called "Do the Left Thing" that decried mythical discrimination against left-handed people. "The biggest obstacle to equality today is our barbaric attitude toward people of left-handydnyss. It's a tragedy that I, a member of the left-handed community, had little to no idea of the atrocious persecution that we are dealt every day by institutions that are deeply embedded in society," Mahmood joked in his piece.

Commenting on the controversy about the parody, Reason explained that "Satire is of course a perfectly acceptable -- and particularly important -- vehicle for registering dissent with ideological orthodoxies, especially one as pervasive as the culture of political correctness at the modern university campus. Reasonable people can disagree about whether this piece hits home, but not about whether it's a valid contribution to the campus debate."

As a result of the satirical essay which apparently sparked some outrage on campus, an unnamed staffer on The Michigan Daily subsequently accused Mahmood of creating a hostile, threatening environment at the paper, The College Fix reported.

Citing an obscure bylaw, the Daily editor-in-chief also informed Mahmood that he could no longer write at the same time for the Daily and the Review, which is the conservative alternative campus publication. The bottom line was that Mahmood, who describes himself as a libertarian, was dismissed from the The Michigan Daily.

To make matters worse, the door of Mahmood's off-campus apartment was vandalized with eggs early Friday morning, along with messages left calling him a "self-righteous d*ck" and advising him to ""shut the f**k up." The incident is under investigation by police and the university.

Mahmood, a junior majoring in literature and anthropology, told The College Fix that he feels targeted and that "I have libertarian and traditionalist views, and I think those are very compatible with Islam. Muslims should be in line with them. I don't know why we have to side with the more angry activists who are morally depraved."

"Mahmood added that the political environment on campus is radically left-wing and intolerant," Fox News reported.

The following video purports to be surveillance footage of the alleged vandalism at Omar Mahmood's apartment following his termination by The Michigan Daily student newspaper.