‘Bringing Up Bates’ Stars Gil And Kelly Jo Talk New Show, Having 19 Kids

The new show Bringing Up Bates premieres soon on UP TV and fans cannot wait to see this family back on television. Many are already familiar with Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, as the family is quite close to the Duggar family from 19 Kids & Counting. Recently the Bates couple stopped by the 700 Club to talk about their large family and their goals for doing their new show.

A while back, the Bates family had a show on TLC called United Bates of America. The show lasted just one season, but now Gil, Kelly Jo and their family of 19 kids has found a home on a different network for a new show. Bringing Up Bates premieres on January 1 and those who love 19 Kids & Counting may want to check it out.

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates shared via the 700 Club that they never intended to have a large family. However, they now think they have the greatest life 19 children later. They say that they use a lot of teamwork to keep the house in order and they believe in teaching their children to have a strong work ethic, as they feel that builds character. Kelly Jo says that thankfully the kids do their assigned chores joyfully.

As for throwing themselves into the public spotlight, as the Duggars have done, the Bates family says they prayed a lot about it and do feel that the publicity was a concern they needed to consider. Gil and Kelly Jo say they don’t want their family dynamics to change and they hope to encourage and uplift those who watch the show.

The Bates family hopes that viewers walk away from the show with a love for God, family and kids and a confidence that they can make it. They want their viewers to believe that if they stay the course and don’t give up, they can succeed. Gil and Kelly Jo note that in their family they always put God first and family second and they intend to maintain that despite throwing themselves back into the realm of reality TV.

This family follows many of the conservative Christian beilefs that the Duggar family does. The kids watch little television and the girls are expected to wear dresses. The family does have the Internet, it seems, but Gil and Kelly Jo mention that their sons need to have one of their sisters with them to be online. As with the Duggars, couples courting need to rely on side hugs for affection, though for the Bates kids it seems some front hugs are allowed for special occasions.

A behind-the-scenes sneak peek shared via UP TV shows that the full family will be involved in Bringing Up Bates, even John and Alyssa Webster who now live away from the family. Alyssa and John recently shared that they are expecting their first child, and the oldest Bates son Zach recently welcomed his first child as well.

It won’t be much longer before fans of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates, and their 19 kids, can catch up with them via television. Bringing Up Bates premieres on UP TV on January 1.

[Image via UP TV]