Jimmy Kimmel Car Pranked: Blunt And Krasinski Get Their Sweet Revenge On Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel had his car pranked by Emily Blunt and her husband, John Krasinski. The couple had a reason to prank the host. Last Christmas, the host had their entire home gift-wrapped for a prank that aired on his show. They waited an entire year to get back at Kimmel for his prank, and it is clear their prank was on a much smaller scale. People Magazine shared the video of Jimmy Kimmel finding out about the prank.

What did Emily Blunt and her husband do? After his show one night, he left the studio and headed out to his SUV. He found his car exactly where he parked it, but there was something very different about his car. As he walked up to the car, he knew exactly what had happened. He mentioned John Krasinki’s name immediately.

His car had been completely gift wrapped, and a note on the side of the car read “from your secret Santa.” That was not all the couple did. When Kimmel opened his car door, ornaments spilled out. The car was filled with them.

Blunt and Krasinski live across the street from Kimmel, and this prank war has been on going for several years. The last two pranks are only the most recent. Now fans are wondering what the late night talk show host will do next. They might have to wait until next year to find out the next prank in this way between the neighbors. However, it is clear that the prank war is all in good-natured fun. Kimmel is shown laughing and smiling in the video taken of the prank.

Kimmel has been enjoying the Christmas season on his nightly show. The Huffington Post shared a video of one of his “naughty or nice” segments recently. Jimmy is interviewing kids as an elf, and he is asking them if they are naughty or nice after they write their letters to Santa. However, one brother and sister duo turned the tables on Jimmy and his pal Guillermo. They asked the pair quite a few questions of their own.

The Inquisitr reported on another video from Jimmy Kimmel’s show last month. The video definitely received a lot of attention. In the segment, Kimmel had celebrities read off mean tweets sent to them by people on Twitter. The segment featured appearances from Gerard Butler, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Geena Davis.

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his sense of humor, but it is clear that he did not expect this elaborate prank from Emily and John. What do you think of this prank? How should Jimmy get his revenge?

[Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/Twitter]