Eve Carson Pleaded For Her Life, Asked Her Killers To Pray With Her

Eve Carson, a beautiful and popular University of North Carolina (UNC) student, who was murdered three years ago begged for her life before her killers shot her and asked them to pray with her, according to one of the murderers who testified at the trial of the other.

Eve was president of the student body at UNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina when she died from multiple gunshot wounds in 2008, after two men had kidnapped her in an attempt to rob her. Prosecutors charge that Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr. and Demario James Atwater kidnapped Eve from her home, took her in her car so she could get them cash from the ATM then took her to a place where they shot her five times.

Atwater is serving two life sentences after pleading guilty to the crime more than two years ago. He was testifying at the trial of Lovette, who faces life in prison if convicted of first-degree murder.

Fox News reported, Jason McNeil, one of Lovette’s friends testified also that Lovette had called him when they issued the arrest warrant and told him “Before (Lovette) even shot her, he explained, she was saying, ‘Let’s pray,'” “She wanted them to pray together.”. McNeil is testifying at the trial as part of a plea bargain on narcotics charges.

Lovette told McNeil they killed her because she had seen their faces.

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