'Anonymous' Hacktivists On Jessica Chambers Case Increase, FBI Arrives In Panola County

It appears that additional "Anonymous" hacktivists have picked up the Jessica Chambers burning case. With pressure on local law enforcement to quickly solve the disturbing case of the teen who was burned alive, it appears that the FBI has arrived on the scene in Panola County. Many are claiming that the hacktivists are responsible for getting the FBI involved so quickly, as some "Anonymous" users have claimed to have sent packets of evidence to the bureau for speedy processing.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, an Anonymous hacktivist, operating under the Twitter handle "0hour1," started hacking local gang members' social media accounts in hopes of gaining new evidence in the Jessica Chambers case. What the group found painted a picture of a town that was overrun by gangs. However, it appears 0hour1 is not alone in the quest for bringing "Justice for Jessica." Another Anonymous user, Anon Khaoz, has joined in the search for more information. It appears that the new Anonymous hacktivist started the account this morning. He also notes that "we the people" are responsible for getting the FBI involved in the Jessica Chambers Case.My Fox Memphis has confirmed that the FBI is in Panola County and assisting the local police on the case. The report notes that "agents with the FBI, ATF, the U.S. Marshals and Texas Rangers, are now involved in the murder investigation of Jessica Chambers and are assisting with resources." Almost immediately, the new hacker on the case promised to hack Jessica Chambers' social media accounts in hopes of gaining more clues as to who may have been involved in the heinous crime.Meanwhile, Twitter is on fire with new information as the FBI's boots have hit the ground. Twitter photos show FBI agents already at the crime scene.What do you think about Anonymous hacktivism in the Jessica Chambers burning case? Do you think the case will be solved faster now that the FBI is involved?