Chelsea Clinton’s Star Is Rising As She Embraces Her Own Celebrity

“For most of my life I did deliberately lead a private life and inadvertently led a public life,”

These were the words Chelsea Clinton used to describe why she has been shying away from publicity for all these years on “Rock Center With Brian Williams”. Sitting across a table from Mr. Williams she sat with her backed straight and her hands folded gently across her lap, and talked about pride in her parents accomplishments and the inspiration she derived from her grandmother, Dorothy Rodham. Dorothy Rodham died this year and always encouraged Chelsea to do more with her fame.

She chose NBC and NBC chose her. She is using the fame her grandmother extolled her to do more with as a way to reach out to people, to make a difference and to promote the stories she finds need to be told.

She started her first broadcast with a story from her father’s home state of Arkansas, and spoke about an amazing woman, Annette Dove, who had devoted herself and all of her money to running an afterschool program for the kids of Pine Bluff.

Chelsea seemed very comfortable, and very likeable and prepared to jump into her new career with gusto. Not only will she be able to promote the charities she cares so much about, among them AmFAR (devoted to the fight against AIDS) and also her father’s Clinton Foundation but the real question every in asking themselves is…Where is this going?

Many people use the media as a stepping stone into a new life, most notably politics. It seems as if a third Clinton’s star is rising.

Do you think Chelsea Clinton has what it takes to make it on NBC?