‘Batman V Superman’ Spoilers: New Details Address ‘Man Of Steel’ Complaints

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has received a lot of attention since the San Diego Comi-Con teaser was released earlier this year, and one of the premier sources for spoilers, news, and info, has been Bada** Digest.

Considering how accurate the site’s editor, Devin Faraci, has been on the new Star Wars film, it’s probably worth taking serious the latest details that he has revealed concerning what Superman is up to in the follow-up to Man of Steel.

Much of the attention has been centered on Ben Affleck as Batman at this point, but Faraci insists that the movie is very much a Superman film.

“I’ve told you a bunch about Batman in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ but not much about Superman,” Faraci writes. “I don’t want to give you the impression that this is Batman’s movie — it’s very much a sequel to ‘Man of Steel,’ and it very much follows up on stuff from that movie in big ways. In fact Chris Terrio’s script — at least a draft from just before production began — deals explicitly with some fan complaints about the last Superman film.”

One of the key complaints — and this is a Man of Steel spoiler alert for you late-watchers — is his decision to kill General Zod after tearing up the entire city of Metropolis.

“When Superman confronts a big bad guy and unravels his plot, he tells the villain, ‘I won’t snap your neck, I’m going to take you to prison,'” reports Faraci in what he calls “an on-the-nose response to criticisms of the first movie.”

“As for being a protector of the people — when the Doomsday fight starts General Swanwick tells the military that Superman will move the battle away from populated areas because he’s a hero, and that’s what heroes do. Again, this is a direct response to complaints about the first film. It’s also interesting to see that Swanwick, who was tracking Superman with drones at the end of ‘Man of Steel,’ is such a supporter in this film.”

In this new version, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are living together. Clark is a sports reporter who would much rather be detailing the exploits of Batman. Lois gets bailed out of an early Middle East jam by Superman. And Batman and Lex Luthor are suspicious of the Man of Steel’s true intentions.

In fact, Batman is forming a Superman-focused arsenal of weapons, while one can only imagine that Luthor is doing the same.

The script that Faraci read will start with Batman’s origin story, and then follow Bruce Wayne to Metropolis right around the time of the epic destruction that took place at the end of Man of Steel.

After that, it skips to two years later, and that’s where audiences will really catch up to Superman, who, Faraci notes, is seen as a tool of the United States and eyed rather suspiciously by countries like China.

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