‘Spectre’: Daniel Craig Spotted In Speedboat On Thames As Filming Begins

James Bond fans caught their first glimpse of the newest entry in the iconic series as Daniel Craig was spotted riding down the Thames in a speedboat Monday morning, accompanied by Rory Kinnear.

According to the Daily Mail, Craig and Kinnear stood in the front of the speedboat as they sped down the river, part of the early filming of Spectre. Dressed in black, both men gripped the front of the boat with leather gloves, as a pair of security personnel piloted the craft. Craig and Kinnear, who plays MI6’s Bill Tanner in the recent James Bond movies, filmed in front of London’s famed Secret Service Headquarters as a second boat, sporting an Olympic logo, carried crew and cameras, along with director Sam Mendes.

Craig was later spotted filming on a bridge that overlooks the Thames, after he and Kinnear were escorted over by drivers. Their appearance on the river was far different than Craig’s 2005 introduction as James Bond, which also took place on the Thames, as the Telegraph observes. Critics joked at the time about health and safety after Craig wore a life jacket in the boat that brought him to the press conference.

In Spectre, Craig will return for his fourth take on the iconic role, joined by new Bond Girls Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci. Christoph Waltz is set to appear as a villain known as Oberhauser, sparking rumors that Spectre’s original chief executive, Blofeld, may be making a return to the series.

The production of Daniel Craig’s fourth outing as James Bond hit an early snag recently, when the film’s screenplay was compromised during a widely publicized hack of Sony’s computer network. As the Inquisitr previously noted, an early version of the script was stolen by the hackers, prompting fears that it could be published during filming.

The hack also revealed that Spectre will have a budget $50 million higher than Daniel Craig’s last appearance as Bond, Skyfall. The new film will reportedly cost over $300 million to produce, with filming set to take place in locations as diverse as Pinewood Studios, London, Rome, Mexico City, Morocco and the Alps.

Spectre will see Daniel Craig return to the screen as James Bond on November 6, 2015.

[Image: WENN via the Daily Mail]