PS4 Vs Xbox One: Exclusives Mean Sony Wins 2015, Says Michael Pachter

The PS4 vs Xbox One console war is going into its second year now, and neither side shows any sign of giving up. We could probably just respect the fact that Microsoft and Sony have been rivals for three generations now (starting with the Xbox and the PlayStation 2), taking over for Nintendo and Sega, but where’s the fun in that?

Nintendo is still around, but aside from a few exclusive titles they still struggle to sell the Wii U. Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. are the biggest reasons to own the console.

Until this year, Sony has been facing a similar and familiar argument from Microsoft fans. PS4 exclusives just haven’t been dominating sales like Xbox One exclusives seem to be. Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall have been exciting releases as opposed to Infamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Driveclub, which barely received any serious notice in the Xbox One vs PS4 console war.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter says that’s all about to change in 2015. Street Fighter 5 is just one of the heavy-hitters lining up to dominate the PS4 vs Xbox One battle next year, leaving Xbone gamers feeling mostly cheated and grasping the promise of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Halo 5: Guardians.

Pachter claims that PlayStation 4 will have more games than Xbox One in 2015.

“I think it’s the quantity of quality games. Normally, you expect kind of one game in the Spring, one or two in the Fall, but what do you have, six big titles, it’s probably doubled.

“I don’t know what Microsoft has planned but I will be willing to bet that it’s not this many. I am surprised because I really thought that manufacturers won’t take the risk of developing for one console and they are taking it.

“You guys got your s**t together early in the cycle [referring to Sony]. That is where Nintendo right now is suffering because they still don’t have the quantity of exclusives to drive their console and you guys have this plan. It’s peaking next year and that’s exactly where you want to be. It’s great and impressive.”

With upcoming PS4 exclusives like Street Fighter 5, an HD remake of Final Fantasy 7, Uncharted 4, and Until Dawn, Microsoft certainly has some work to do if they want to win this round of PS4 vs Xbox One.

Which PlayStation 4 exclusives do you think will give Sony the win in the 2015 PS4 vs Xbox One console war? Could Microsoft make a turnaround and surprise us, or is Michael Pachter right?

[Image via Games Wallpaper HD]