‘Destiny: Crota’s End’ Raid Guide Part 3: How To Enter Crota’s Chamber

You have arrived to the third part of the Crota’s End Raid guide for Destiny, How to Enter Crota’s Chamber. PlayStation and Xbox owners looking for earlier parts of the raid should check click over to Part 1 – How to Traverse the Abyss and Part 2 – How to Cross the Bridge.

The third mission of Crota’s End pits your fireteam against the first mini-boss in this raid, Ir Yût. The team will need to run a gauntlet of Hive enemies along two tunnels including the annoying Shriekers to reach the mini-boss, however. Oh, and this is all on a timer of approximately three minutes as well. Then you die.

Destiny Crota's End (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Who to Kill First

The timer starts when the first two Knights the fireteam encounters are killed. So, don’t kill them. Kill everything else, including the Wizards first. Once the Wizards are cleared out, the timer starts and the Shrikers spawn.

The fireteam will need to split up into two groups of three to run both tunnels at the same time. Each tunnel features a single Shrieker that cannot be killed until the Wizard on that side is brought down. Once both Shriekers have been eliminated, the shield to the summoning crystal room where Ir Yût is located comes down.

This part can get frantic with Thrall and Knights flooding the tunnel. There are ledges along the side of the tunnel that can help keep team members out of reach.

It’s also helpful to define roles for each team member when heading into the tunnel. One member in each tunnel should be focused on taking out the Shriekers with rockets once the Wizards are down. The other two should protect him from the swarming enemies and take shots at the Shrieker as the opportunity arises.

A Titan Defender bubble works well here to provide extra cover in the tunnel. The Weapons of Light buff from the bubble helps as well.

Destiny Crota's End (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Reach the Summoning Crystal

The fireteam should now meet together in a room with a hole in the floor. Dropping through that hole starts the Reach the Summoning Crystal mission.

Compared to previous missions, this one is straight-forward; just kill everything. The summoning crystal room houses Ir Yût plus a horde of level 32 Hallowed Knights.

This part gets frantic because of the swarm of tough enemies that the fireteam will face. Rockets plus flashbang grenades or the Titan bubble with the blind buff are the order of the day.


There is a single chest located behind a pair of doors in the room with the hole in the floor. The catch is that these doors are only open for a little while and there is an invisible barrier preventing players from moving until the Shriekers are killed. Once the final Shrieker dies, the doors will begin closing. Once they close, the chest is inaccessible.

Some Destiny players have already devised a strategy to have one or two runners move up to the barrier just as the final Shrieker is about to die. Once the Shrieker goes down, the runner(s) dash for the room. These are typically the fireteam members with the highest agility to give them the best chance of reaching the doors in time.

If a fireteam member reaches the room and the door closes behind them, they can open it back up. Stand in front of the door, bring up your Ghost, and then hold down Square or X to let the rest of the team in. Check out the following YouTube video from DattoDoesDestiny to see what I am describing.

Almost the End

Congratulations, you’ve now made it past the third and fourth parts of the Crota’s End Raid. The finale is coming with Part 4 – How To End Crota.

[H/T: DattoDoesDestiny YouTube, Destiny sub-Reddit, Planet Destiny for help with this guide]

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