‘Destiny: Crota’s End’ Raid Guide Part 2: How To Cross The Bridge

Welcome to the second part of the Crota’s End Raid guide for Destiny, How to Cross the Bridge. PlayStation and Xbox owners should check out the first part, How to Traverse the Abyss, if you want to see how to get started with this raid.

The second mission of Crota’s End features another bridge that needs to be created. You know what that means. More plates to stand on while being attacked by waves of enemies. It’s a little different this time though, as it requires more teamwork and the chance to swing a sword.

Getting Started

The fireteam will start on a platform. Below is an area with a plate in the middle, one to the left, and one to the right. The two plates on either side have totems. Behind these plates is a chasm that must be crossed that has a set of matching plates on the other side.

A fireteam member needs to be standing on the center plate to build the bridge. There needs to be at least one standing on each of the two side ones as well though. If there is not, the totems hovering above the side plates will glow red and eventually explode, killing everyone. If this happens, stepping off the center plate will cause the totems to reset.

Once the bridge plate is activated, waves of Thralls and Acolytes will begin to spawn along with a single Swordbearer Knight. The Knight will drop the sword when killed. One fireteam member should pick it up and run across the bridge. Everyone else should stay put, as they can’t cross the bridge if they don’t have the sword.

Using flashbang grenades to blind the Swordbearer Knight is extremely helpful.

Destiny Crota's End (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

One Across

Once the member with the sword crosses the bridge, he’ll need to kill the Gatekeeper Knight on the other side. The sword is the only thing capable of killing the Gatekeeper so don’t bother shooting at him with anything else.

The Gatekeeper needs to be killed before the sword despawns. Use the R1, R1, R2 combo for PlayStation or RB, RB, RT combo for Xbox to stun the Knight and gain the best chance of killing him. The slam attack (R2/RT) will not stun him alone.

If the fireteam member with the sword doesn’t kill the Gatekeeper by the time the sword despawns, the Gatekeeper will pursue the player around that side of the map. It turns out that standing under a totem on one of the side plates is a safe spot.

Again, using flashbang grenades on the Gatekeeper is helpful.

Destiny Crota's End (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Two and Three

Repeat the above steps until three players have crossed the bridge. Once three members of the fireteam are across, they must stand on the bridge plate on that side of the chasm and the two side plates with the totems. Meanwhile, the players on the starting side of the chasm must not step on their bridge plate or else risk activating the totems and killing everyone.

The three members on the starting side must still each kill the Swordbearer when it spawns, and then run across the bridge to kill the Gatekeeper.

In the meanwhile, the rest of the team needs to clear the waves of Hive that spawn. Extra focus should be given to the yellow bar Knights and Wizards that appear.

Destiny Crota's End (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Crossing the Bridge Finale

Once all six members of the fireteam are across the bridge, a huge wave of Hive will spawn featuring Knights, Wizards, and two Ogres. Killing the two Ogres will cause the all the other Hive to disappear.

It’s best for the entire fireteam to move to one side of the room or the other during this portion of the fight. A new checkpoint and loot rewards will be given once complete. Run through the opening door and enter into Crota’s Chamber.


No chests have been discovered in this portion of Crota’s End yet. This guide will be updated when/if one is found.

Still not the End

Congratulations, you’ve now made it past the second part of the Crota’s End Raid. An especially frantic part waits in Part 3 – How To Enter Crota’s Chamber.

[H/T: DattoDoesDestiny YouTube, Destiny sub-Reddit, Planet Destiny for help with this guide]

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