Abominable Snowman Walks Dog To ‘Bring Joy’

Bumble, the abominable snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, may be a classic holiday character, but he has more recently been spotted walking a poodle on the streets of a Wisconsin town, as one woman’s unique way of spreading holiday cheer.

As the Washington Post reports, a woman from Allouez has spent this year’s holiday season walking her dog while dressed as the abominable snowman, garnering praise from local residents. Referring to herself only as “Bumble,” the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has become a hit on social media.

When asked what she was doing on the streets of Wisconsin, the lady snowman answered only that she was visiting from Misfit Island. Queried about why she was visiting Allouez, her answer was concise.

“Bring joy, happiness,” she articulated.

According to Fox affiliate WLUK, Bumble plans to continue wearing her abominable Snowman suit and walking her dog, Blizzard, throughout the holiday season, and possibly even beyond. If there is anything they find truly objectionable about their walks, however, it is most certainly the weather.

“Too warm,” Bumble noted.

Though some might be taken aback by the sight of the abominable snowman walking their streets, Allouez has responded positively to Bumble, making her stated motive of spreading happiness and joy a quick success. Chad Craig, who is working to build a home in the area, detailed one of his sightings of the mythical beast.

“Yeah just working then all of a sudden everyone is hollering, saying there is the snowman and the poodle from the news,” he recalled. “I thought it was comical.”

Karen Panure, the area’s mail carrier, also reflected on the positive reaction the community has shown toward their very own abominable snowman.

“It’s very festive, gets you in the Christmas spirit,” she said.

Earlier this year, hairs purported to belong to the Yeti underwent genetic testing, in order to establish the existence of Bumble’s Himalayan namesake. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the tests revealed that an ancient species of bear may still be alive, and could possibly have given rise to the Nepalese legends of the snowman.

Though terse with her words, Bumble had a lasting message to share with observers.

“Love all, care about all, beyond holidays,” said Allouez’s very own abominable snowman.

[Image: ABC 7 Chicago via Facebook]