Does Rihanna Feel Schadenfreude For Chris Brown Relationship Drama?

Is Rihanna laughing about Chris Brown’s recent relationship drama? Fashion & Style reports that the singer has taken delight in the recent split of Karrueche Tran from her former boyfriend.

However, that doesn’t mean that she’s looking to reconcile their tumultuous relationship. At least, that’s what reports seem to think. Besides, the singer’s social media profiles don’t seem to indicate that she cares at all about Brown’s split from Tran. If anything, she seems blissfully unaware due to her packed schedule of being a pop superstar. In fact, her Twitter account activity is as busy as she is — and there are absolutely no mentions of Brown in recent days.

So if Rihanna is truly laughing at Brown’s relationship drama, she’s certainly not doing so online. Nonetheless, there are indeed plenty of people laughing at this explosive drama. That’s because Brown had publicly announced the end of his relationship with Tran, and went a step further by accusing her of cheating on him with Drake, who has been linked romantically to Rihanna as recently as July. Hollywood Life posted the details of that mess just hours ago. So this story has gone from being a love triangle between RiRi, Breezy, and Tran to being a love square between the trio, plus Drake. That is if, of course, any of what the tabloids are saying is even remotely true.

The media and the public have been fascinated with Chris Brown ever since his brutal 2008 beating of Rihanna. He’s become one of America’s most polarizing celebrities as a result of that violent domestic violence incident, with numerous people — celebs included — speaking out against him in the music industry. Even though the victim of his abuse has apparently forgiven him, the level of public vitriol for his mere existence has not subsided. The amount of hatred for him has even pushed fans to create petitions asking people to stop bullying the singers.

Brown hasn’t responded to any reports claiming that his old flame is laughing at him, and he probably won’t. After all, celebrity gossip doesn’t always reflect the facts and reality in these celebs’ worlds. These two haven’t been able to escape from their romantic links to one another since they initially split after the 2008 domestic violence incident. The media, and fans, are making very sure of that.

[Photo credit: Us Magazine]