Sarah Palin Pitches New Reality Show, But No One’s Interested

Are Sarah Palin’s 15-minutes of fame finally up? The sometime politician, occasional author, and wannabe reality star is pitching a new project about her husband Todd’s career as a snowmobile racer, but so far, no one is jumping on the opportunity to produce the show.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” Palin’s last venture into reality TV, sold for more than $1 million per episode. According to the Telegraph, the show broke a ratings record for TLC when it debuted with an audience of more than five million viewers. For the second episode, however, the viewership dropped to three million.

Discovery Communications, which owns TLC, has not purchased Palin’s latest pitch. The Telegraph reports that A&E, which was interested in buying “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” also isn’t interested in the new show.

The Hollywood Reporter notes that there are two problems with the new show. One, networks may still be interested in a show about Sarah Palin, but not necessarily one that is focused around her husband. Two, Palin and producer Mark Burnett are apparently hoping for a similar payday to “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” But it doesn’t look like anyone is ready to dish out a million dollars per episode for a Sarah Palin spin-off.

Palin has stayed out of the public spotlight ever since she announced that she wasn’t going to be running for president in 2012. She is also reportedly on the outs with Fox News after a disagreement between her and Roger Ailes.

Do you think Sarah Palin’s time has passed? Will her new reality show ever see the light of day?