Grenade Attack in Liege, Belgium Leaves 3 Dead, Dozens Injured

At least three people have been killed and dozens wounded after a lone gunman lobbed multiple grenades and sprayed shots into a crowd of Christmas shoppers in the eastern Belgian city of Liege.

The suspected attacker, identified as 32-year-old Nordine Amrani, reportedly committed suicide immediately after the attack.

Greg Ienco, a journalist at local newspaper La Meuse-Liège, described the scene of the brutal attack to BBC.

“We saw four explosions. I was in a building 200 meters from Saint-Lambert Square,” he said.

“It was quite incredible. We saw one man on the roof who tried to kill people. This man killed himself with a grenade.”

According to UK’s DailyMail, two of the three dead were teenage boys – aged 15 and 17 – and the third victim was a 75-year-old woman.

Belgian news Web site reported that Amrani, recently sentenced to 58 months in prison for weapon and drugs charges, was headed for police questioning when he launched the attack.

Officials have dismissed media reports of multiple attackers and links to terrorist threats or trials.

The following video clip shows some of the aftermath of Nordine Amrani’s grenade attack on Saint-Lambert Square.