Karen Swift Found: Missing Persons Case Turns Into Murder Investigation

The search for Karen Swift is over. The search for her killer has now begun. Police are launching a homicide probe after the body of Karen Swift was discovered in rural Tennessee.

According to the Daily Mail, Swift, 44, was last seen on October 30th. The mother of four had filed for divorce from her husband David Smith a few weeks before her disappearance. Police have questioned Smith but he is not considered a suspect.

Timothy Naifeh, a lawyer for David Swift, said in a statement:

“It’s very emotional for Mr. Swift and the family. They’re asking at least for this period of time to have some privacy — it’s time for grieving and it’s time for mourning. It’s heartbreaking and it’s very, very sad.”

ABC reports that Karen Swift’s car was found shortly after she went missing. The 2004 white Nissan Murano was discovered on a main road in northern Dyer County with a flat tire. A massive ground and aerial search was launched in Dyer County. According to Jeffrey Johnson, Swift’s brother, police also searched the Obion River after finding clothes nearby.

Karen Swift’s body was found under a thin layer of vegetation. Her body was positively identified through dental records.

Dyer County Sheriff Jeff Box told My Fox Memphis:

“Frost and winter conditions killed the vegetation, making the body visible within a few feet.”

Box said that there were “apparent injuries to the body” but did not elaborate. Box said:

“We’re going to wait to let the medical examiner’s final report tell us the extent of those injuries.”

Here’s a video report about Karen Swift.

The police haven’t named any suspects yet but they are approaching Karen Swift’s death as a murder.