The Voice Finale: Who Could Win It All—And Who Should Hope To Lose?

Toni Matthews

Will the seventh time be the charm for NBC's The Voice?

The Voice will wrap up its seventh season this week, and it's hoped the show will prove a useful career venture for the musicians who audition.

The potential for a star is there as each of the remaining contestants of the show is unarguably talented.

The fatal flaw thus far on The Voice has been it's unapologetic dedication to the interests of everyone on or surrounding the show except the contestants.

— The Voice (@NBCTheVoice) December 13, 2014

However, even addition of a "wildcard twist" cannot save The Voice from turning into a joke if it fails, yet again, to aid the career of the winner in a serious manner.

Of course, the season seven winner of The Voice must be heavily marketable with a demographic that's willing to spend money as soon as the show ends.

Of the remaining Voice hopefuls, only two fall into that category.

First is Craig Wayne Boyd.

Country music continues to be one of the most popular genres of music in the United States. Though the previous winners have had less than moderate success, there is a good chance that Boyd will fare better should he win The Voice.

He's talented, handsome, humble, and very relate-able. His name sounds good on a country album cover.

And then there's the fact that he's spent 11 years working as a singer, and although he hasn't had a break in the past, he's made A LOT of connections, starting with Voice coach Blake Shelton. It's clear he's a respected singer.

He's also got the kind of voice that would make non-country music fans buy a country music album.

Should Craig Wayne Boyd dazzle in the finale and win, he would probably be the first winner on The Voice to truly capitalize on the opportunity and go far.

The second?

That would be Chris Jamison.

If you're surprised (if not a little angered) at that suggestion, at least hear me out.

I admit I was flabbergasted by Voice coach Adam Levine's decision to pick Jamison over Taylor Phelan.

Although Phelan seemed like the more obvious front runner, and chance for his team to win The Voice, Levine played this in a very calculated manner.

Perhaps Jamison started off as Team Adam's weak link, and perhaps he was meant to avoid a split between votes.

However, Chris has improved from week to week. As has his popularity, especially among the doe-eyed fangirl crowd.

You think country music fans spend money? Fangirls are why we know who the Beatles and Elvis Presley are.

And if they like someone, they will get behind that person and spend all their money. All their time and energy will go into talking, thinking, and practically worshiping the object of their affection.


If Chris Jamison has already tapped into this market, then there's a good chance he can win The Voice and have a pretty good career after the show. As good as Craig Wayne Boyd's potential post-Voice career?

That remains to be seen.

— NBC (@nbc) December 13, 2014

And that would be that some contestants don't necessarily benefit from winning, but benefit from almost winning a show like this.

In that regard, Matt McAndrew would probably be more likely to benefit from NOT winning the show than actually winning.

For one thing, Matt was already fortunate enough to see his indie album chart on iTunes, thanks in large part to the exposure gained on The Voice.

He's already shown himself to be highly marketable, with an impressive range of vocal expression. He is a unique individual; a mixture of humble, gentle nerd and tattooed rocker.

Could he win The Voice? Absolutely.

But it's possible that his particular demographic may be the kind that Voice viewers are interested in while the contestant is on the show...and then the viewers forget about them when they aren't.

However, if by losing, he were to be so fortunate as to snag a contract with a larger, more established record label, it would certainly increase his chance at post-Voice stardom.

Disagree? Who do you think can win The Voice? Who do you think would be better off not winning The Voice?

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