October 23, 2020
Sara Underwood Teases 'It's That Time Of Year Again' After Stripping Down To A Silver Bikini & Red Knit Hat

Sara Underwood shared a sultry look at her winter preparations via her Instagram page on Friday, October 23. The model's 9 million followers tend to go wild over anything related to what she calls her "hippie hot tub," and that was the case here once again.

This stunning outdoor heated bathtub has appeared in a number of Sara's previous social media posts. In fact, this two-piece swimming suit seemed to be the same one she wore in a different set of photos earlier this month as well.

This shot was one that Sara seemingly hadn't posted previously, and it showcased her long, lean figure. The former Playboy model was photographed standing on the platform next to the bathtub, seemingly just after taking a dip. She had hung her long-sleeved plaid robe upon the peg at the edge of the platform and was in the midst of handling her red boots.

The 36-year-old bombshell wore a red knit hat with a large, fluffy pompom on the top. She appeared to be wet and wrapping up her session in the hot tub.

Sara stood on one long, glistening leg and seemed to be working on pulling a boot onto her other foot. She leaned one hand on the rack next to her that held her robe, and her position showcased her muscular physique.

She noted that this ensemble was from Fashion Nova, and it seemed to be the line's Sparkle Beach silver bikini. The high-waisted bottoms perfectly highlighted her hips and midriff and the bandeau top appeared to provide the perfect amount of coverage.

Steam billowed from the chimney next to the metal bathtub, and a rainbow could be seen over Sara's head. In her caption, the model quipped that it was getting to be the right time of year to enjoy this cozy outdoor cabin feature. She also included several related emoji.

During the first hour after Sara shared this snapshot, about 9,000 likes and dozens of comments came in from her fans.

"Beautiful lady beautiful setting," one person commented.

"U are looking dam so natural n Fabulously Gorgeous," another noted.

"Gorgeous so gorgeous," someone else wrote.

Quite a few of the notes came from people anxious to know more about the hot tub and the picturesque setting where Sara was situated. She has answered some questions about the piece before. In addition, she has frequently detailed tidbits about her "Cabinland" life in the woods with her long-time boyfriend, Jacob Witzling.

Every time that Sara showcases this type of setting, her millions of followers fawn over the idyllic scene. Everything from the woods to the rainbow to her bikini and her physique looked absolutely stunning, and everybody will be anxious to see more shots much like this one during the wintery months ahead.