October 24, 2020
Qimmah Russo Deadlifts 185-Pound Weightlifter Eric Small While Wearing Revealing Active Wear

Instagram model Qimmah Russo took to her social media page on Friday afternoon with an impressive display of her athletic abilities, thrilling her 1.6 million followers.

The ripped fitness trainer paired up with American Ninja Warrior competitor Eric Small in the video clip, and the two performed an incredible feat of strength and control in a Hollywood Hills gym. The post garnered over 15,000 views in the first hour after it went live.

The still image preceding the video showed two heavy-duty rectangular metal carts with locking casters placed side-by-side a few feet apart. The sides stored selections of free weights in ascending size.

Qimmah stood with her legs spread and one foot on the center of each cart, creating a stable triangle shape with the lower half of her body. She leaned forward slightly and grasped a metal crossbar tightly in her fingers, even with her mid-thigh, from which Eric was suspended in a flawless plank position several feet off the ground. The muscles in her arms and shoulders were fully activated and bulged with the weight she held.

Eric's arms were extended up and behind his body, with elbows locked, and he clutched the outer sides of the bar with his palms facing toward the ceiling. Eric's face grimaced with determined concentration as he supported himself in the horizontal position. His slim yet muscular frame was completely taut, and both feet were level with his head.

Qimmah wore a matching black sports bra and athletic shorts set that flaunted her incredible figure. The top had a scoop neckline that exposed the tops of her breasts as well as her cleavage, which was accentuated by the intensity of her pose. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of low-cut black sneakers.

Eric wore only a pair of loose blue shorts and white socks and sneakers, putting most of his sculpted physique on full display.

The video began with the videographer shooting Qimmah from the front and slightly below her. She was lit from one side, which created a dramatic play of light and shadow across her toned body. She closed her eyes and grinned with anticipation.

The clip cut quickly to a wider shot in which it became clear that Qimmah was pressing up from a series of squats while holding all of Eric's weight.

The two athletes clearly went through the process multiple times, as part of the post shows them utilizing a different implement with which to support Eric.

Just a few days ago, as covered by The Inquistr, Qimmah posed for a series of casual snaps in which she modeled a skintight sports bra.