Kate Middleton And Prince William Reveal Prince George’s Adorable Christmas Photos

Kate Middleton and Prince William recently decided to share their Christmas joy with the world by releasing three new photos of son Prince George.

In the holiday pictures, the royal tot sports a big smile on his face while sitting on the courtyard steps at Kensington Palace. Rosy-cheeked Prince George wears knee-high socks, leather buckle shoes, and a stylish dark blue sweater vest adorned with royal guardsman.

Prince George 1

As you can see, he sports Prince William’s old hair, which has been combed to the side for a more dignified look. The 17-month-old has Kate Middleton’s big brown eyes and adorable dimples, and it’s easy to see both of his parents in his mischievous grin.

Prince George 2

According to People, Prince George’s cute Christmas photos were taken by Ed Lane Fox, Prince Harry’s private secretary. The photos are the first sanctioned images of George since his birthday in July of 2013, and they could be considered Kate Middleton and Prince William’s early Christmas gift to the press. A palace source describes the holiday photos as a “grateful acknowledgment” from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge that “their request for Prince George to grow up without intrusion from photography has been, and continues to be, honored.”

The source says that Kate Middleton and Prince William are aware of the public’s interest in Prince George, and the royal couple is “keen to share some special moment in his life.” However, they obviously don’t want to over-share.

Prince George 3

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might be a bit wary about sharing photos of their heir, but they do seem to enjoy talking about George. During an interview with CNN, Prince William described his son’s personality.

“He’s a little bit of a rascal, I’ll put it that way. He either reminds me of my brother or me when I was younger.”

According to People, Prince William has found a fun way to keep his little rascal occupied. During his visit to New York City, William spoke at the Innovation is GREAT reception at the Empire State Building. While there, he chatted to littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir about his son.

“He told me that his son George has been playing iPad games and loves them, and that this was a good way to teach him the inner workings of electronics.”

George isn’t the only photogenic royal whose pictures have recently caused a stir. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kate Middleton went viral when she was photographed rolling her eyes during a NYC charity appearance.

LeBron James also caused a commotion by placing an arm around the Duchess of Cambridge for a post-game photo. He was accused of breaking “royal protocol,” but a senior communications officer for Buckingham Palace later revealed that the NBA player was doing nothing wrong because there’s actually no such thing as “royal protocol.”

What do you think of Prince George’s Christmas photo? Should Kate Middleton and Prince William dress him in his mini Cleveland Cavaliers jersey for his next official picture?

[Images via Clarence House/Twitter]