‘Insurgent’ Trailer Gets 1.7M Views In One Day On YouTube

The YouTube video simply titled “Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer” was published on December 12, according to YouTube – and that Insurgent trailer is proving to be extremely popular one day later, on December 13, with YouTube reflecting more than 1,658,000 views thus far. With more than 26,000 thumbs up votes and only 499 thumbs down votes on the Insurgent trailer, most fans who’ve watched the trailer are giving it a positive reaction.

“Set The World Free. The Divergent Series: Insurgent Is In Theaters 3/20/15.”

Indeed, the official Insurgent trailer is also available on the Divergent Series website for viewers to watch in a wider-screen format, and the YouTube description below the Insurgent trailer has the #Insurgent hashtag as a social-media sharing prompt for fans of the trailer video.

As reported by People, the full trailer for Insurgent shows Shailene Woodley fighting herself, after her character assumes she’d be fighting her arch nemesis Erudite Jeanine – played brilliantly by Kate Winslet – over some mysterious box.

“I’m not gonna fight you.”

“Of course you’re not. You’re gonna fight you.”

The Insurgent trailer raises plenty of questions, especially since the mysterious box that seems to be a central character in the Insurgent trailer and Insurgent movie was not present in the book series by Veronica Roth.

In terms of the reactions on Twitter to the Insurgent trailer, they are coming quickly and furiously, especially with fans of the Insurgent book of the Divergent series questioning the difference between the book’s plot and the plot unveiled in the Insurgent trailer.

“Did I read the wrong book?”

The varying reactions to the Insurgent trailer have some fans calling it perfect, while others admit to crying hysterically after watching the Insurgent trailer. Other people on Twitter admit to watching the Insurgent trailer so many times that it has jokingly become unhealthy for them – no doubt lending to those 1.6 million or more views the YouTube video enjoys.

As for the well known star of the move and the Insurgent trailer, Shailene Woodley – whose starring turns in Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars made her a familiar face well before Insurgent launched – is enjoying buzz about her pixie haircut that’s on display in the Insurgent trailer.

Woodley, however, doesn’t merely stick to big blockbuster films like Insurgent. As reported by the Inquisitr, Shailene is also a big fan of independent movies.

“She’s the perfect subject. She’s the one.”

“Dark times call for extreme measures. Let’s begin.”

[Image credit: Insurgent trailer]