‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Lana Parrilla Talks Outlaw Queen’s Future, ‘Queens Of Darkness,’ And More

Once Upon a Time is leaving the Frozen storyline behind this Sunday, but viewers shouldn’t be too sad to see Anna and Elsa go. According to actress Lana Parrilla, what’s in store for Storybrooke might be even more interesting than the sisters from Arendelle and a sister-obsessed Snow Queen.

Based on a few of Parrilla’s recent interviews, it looks like the second half of Once Upon a Time season 4 is going to focus heavily on Regina. Right now, her main goal is to find the author of Henry’s mysterious storybook. In her mind, making the author change her fate is the only way she can get her happy ending.

Robin and Regina recently discovered a missing page from the magic storybook, and it showed Outlaw Queen sharing a kiss back when Tinker Bell first tried to push them together. During an interview with TV Guide, Lana Parrilla revealed that Regina and Henry will find more missing pages during “Operation Mongoose.”

“They’re on that journey as well, finding the missing pages and finding the person involved in taking these pages out and replacing them. So that will be revealed as well in the second part of the season.”

This means Once Upon a Time fans might catch more glimpses of what Regina’s life would have been like if her fate hadn’t been rewritten by some unknown entity. But who is responsible for altering the course of the Evil Queen’s entire life?

One suspect is Regina’s old friend, Maleficent. As the Inquisitr previously reported, she’s a member of the “Queens of Darkness” who are coming to Once Upon a Time to make Regina’s life more difficult. Maleficent be joined by Ursula and Cruella de Vil, and obviously this trio of villainous vixens will be up to no good.

During an interview with TV Fanatic, Lana Parrilla revealed that Once Upon a Time fans will eventually get to see how Regina and Maleficent became friends many years ago.

“I would say that these three women that are coming are women that Regina knows from her past. She has a close relationship with Maleficent. You’ll see how they met and how they became friends. It’s a beautiful episode that we start filming this Thursday, we start filming episode 14. So you’ll learn a lot about those two. The other two women, their paths have crossed.”

Maleficent was a powerful sorceress before Regina locked her away underneath the Storybrooke library in her dragon form. Perhaps Maleficent found the storybook, saw that she and Regina would eventually grow apart, and tried to rewrite her friend’s future. However, she probably won’t be the book’s author — the Once Upon a Time writers likely want to draw out this mystery (maybe its creator is the owner of Rumple’s cool new hat). Regina has already crossed paths with Ursula on Once Upon a Time, so viewers know why the sea witch isn’t the Evil Queen’s biggest fan. However, they have no idea how Regina knows Cruella de Vil — their meeting is another fun moment to look forward to. The Queens of Darkness aren’t the only women who will complicate Regina’s life. In this Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, “Heroes and Villains,” Maid Marian will confront Regina about her relationship with Robin Hood. Adam Horowitz recently shared the script teaser below.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lana Parrilla revealed that Robin Hood is about to make his choice between Regina and Maid Marian.

“He’s going to have to choose between Marian and Regina. You’ll see who he chooses this Sunday, and then how does that impact Regina? Maybe she does get the love of her life; maybe she doesn’t.”

Parrilla also revealed that Regina is “going to get pulled quite a bit into the dark side” during the next episodes of Once Upon a Time, so this doesn’t bode well for Outlaw Queen’s future.

As you can see from the “Heroes and Villains” teaser below, Regina isn’t the only one with boy issues — Hook’s heart is still in Mr. Gold’s hands.

Get ready to say goodbye to Elsa, and hello to the Queens of Darkness when the Once Upon a Time midseason finale airs Sunday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

[Image credit: ABC]