Cops Alerted By Facebook Status Make Horrible Find

A Woman in Washington State saw a suspicious posting from one of her Facebook Friends and decided to call the police in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Police arriving on the scene found exactly what the woman from Washington had seen on Facebook…three dead bodies.

Police responded to a call that a Fort Wayne man had posted on Facebook a status that said “”someone call 911. three dead bodies at 3229 lima road fort wayne indiana [SIC],” Heller’s profile said, according to TV station WANE. “I’ve killed ryann, erin, and myself. people were warned not to f***ing play me and ruin me. they didn’t listen. sorry about your luck.”. She thought it was possible that her freind was joking but she called police just to be on the safe side.

Police arrived to find Ryann Tipton and Erin Jehl, both 19 years old and from Fort Wayne dead of multiple gun shot wounds. In addition, the killer was dead of an apparent suicide. Police are still investigating the details and have no further information on the case.

What would you do if you saw a Facebook Status like this?