December 13, 2014
Amy Pascal Begins 'Healing Process' With Jesse Jackson And Al Sharpton

Amy Pascal, the Sony executive engulfed in scandal, is apparently looking for forgiveness from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Critics of both men, however, have accused them of exploiting racially charged situations for their own ends.

The beleaguered Sony Pictures co-chair issued an apology after racially insensitive emails between her and producer Scott Rudin about President Obama became public following a hack.

Pascal and Rudin, both liberal Democrats who have contributed major cash to the party, were bantering online about attending a then-upcoming Hollywood fundraiser with the president. Rudin has also apologized.

Pascal, who has denied being a racist, says she also wants to start the healing process by reaching out to Jackson and Sharpton by telephone. Pascal told the Hollywood Reporter that she proactively called Rev. Jackson soon after the scandal broke.

"It was a very preliminary conversation, and we just talked about getting together and hoping to discuss a healing process."
Pascal also described receiving a warm response to her apology from Rev. Sharpton, and added that she will be speaking him in person when she travels to New York City.

"And I want to accept responsibility for these stupid, callous remarks," she reaffirmed.

A Sharpton spokesperson described the conversation as "candid," but added that he has not accepted Pascal's apology, Business Insider reported. Sharpton "has agreed to hear her out in person," before deciding whether to publicly seek her resignation from Sony.

In a statement from the National Action League denouncing the content of the leaked emails, Sharpton called for more diversity at the executive level of Hollywood studios, and even drew a parallel with Donald Sterling, the former owner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers.

In an essay, Fox News left-leaning commentator Juan Williams observed that the Pascal-Rudin situation gives a peek behind the curtain, as it were, of Hollywood's movers and shakers.

... Hacked emails from Hollywood's white, liberal elite show them belittling the president by assuming his taste in movies is confined to racial stereotypes fitting just another black guy... Pascal and Rudin, on their way to meet the president at a Democratic fundraiser, have no hesitation about painting Obama into this limited, one-dimensional personality. What they have revealed is how demeaning and patronizing their liberal minds can be even when the man is the leader of the nation..."
Do you anticipate that Amy Pascal will hold on to her job as a Sony executive notwithstanding the emails? Do you think she will be able to obtain a career lifeline from Jesse Jackson and/or Al Sharpton?

[image credit: Zennie Abraham]