Kim Kardashian Dishes On Strict Rules, Christmas Traditions And… Raccoons? While Kanye Fur Shops In Paris [Video]

Kim Kardashian recently not only shocked the world with a questionable spread in Paper Magazine, but also confided in the publication during a Q&A session by discussing all things from Kanye’s dating laws to what’s in store for the duo and their little one, North West, over the holiday season to… raccoon killing? Check out the newly released video of Kim chatting with Paper.

Kim and Kanye have been caught up in a firestorm of break up rumors and allegations of divorce proceedings, yet from what Kim describes of the situation between the two, all appears well. Okay, maybe WELL on the surface. The surface is where these two seem to spend most of their time, am I right? After all, Kim has made it clear that the recent claims that Kanye has become more and more controlling are untrue. Reason for this being that he has been controlling right from the start, even as far back as when the two first started dating.

In Kim’s chat with Paper, she was not shy about dishing on some strict rules that Kanye West imposed when they began their relationship. Kanye, who hadn’t had a cell phone for four years, expected Kim to turn hers in as well — that is, when they were going to dinner at least.

Kim told Paper, “When we first started dating it was rude if we brought our phones with us out, so l learned from him not to bring my phone.”

Kim also reports that Kanye extended this rule not only for her to abide by, but also set it in place for their wedding guests. The two asked guests “politely” to not bring their phones so they could “enjoy the moment.” This all seems harmless and understandable, however, concerns about Kanye’s control over Kim have been heavily voiced as of late. In Touch Weekly made mention of this a few months back, and more bizarre information about controlling Kanye has been revealed since.

“Kanye has taken command of Kim’s every move, both literally and figuratively. While some changes—like his influence on her wardrobe—may seem harmless, a Kardashian insider reveals his power over her has gone from amusing to frightening. ‘Kanye has installed a GPS tracking device on her cell phone so he knows where she is at all times,’ the source says. ‘He is constantly calling her and she is required to check in with him wherever she is at.’ According to the source, Kim has become fed up with his authoritative ways.”

For now, the two, although amid breakup rumors, seem to be making it work, and plan to make the holiday season spectacular for little North West.

The Mirror conveys that “[Kim] is excited for the tradition of giving presents during the upcoming Christmas holidays. She said: ‘We try not to spoil, but we have something nice that I think [North]’ll really love.”

Recent reports that Kanye has been checking out fur coats while in Paris that range upward of $7K may also indicate that Kim will be getting something that she really loves this Christmas.

Kanye shops for fur jacket while in Paris, Daily Mail

[Feature image courtesy of E Online]