Derrick Rose Signs $94 Million Dollar Contract Extension With Chicago

NBA Superstar Derrick Rose is going to be with the Chicago Bulls for another 5 years. Derrick just inked a $94 Million Dollar contract extension which will keep him in the Windy City. Rose was drafted in 2008 by the Chicago Bulls and has lead them to the playoffs every year he has been on the team.

Rose had generated a buzz during the lockout when he gave an interview placing the fault for the lockout squarely on the shoulders of the owners. During the lockout he had said ““It’s sad. It’s very sad,” while adding, “Everybody knows it’s not our fault. It’s definitely not our fault. If it were up to us, we’d be out there playing. But I think that it’s wrong. I know (the owners) can easily take care of it and not take advantage of people. But I guess that’s how people are.”

Should NBA star make such huge salaries after a lockout deprived fans of half the season?