Mark Wahlberg Responds To Forgiveness From Assault Victim, Has ‘Emotional’ Reaction

The other day, the Inquisitr reported Mark Wahlberg’s assault victim forgave the actor for an assault that stemmed from 1988 when the star was 16-years-old. As the story goes, the Vietnamese man was blinded by the assault, but that’s not true.

Johnny Trinh, who is now 59, told the Daily Mail that his eye was removed before he was attacked by Wahlberg, and that he had no idea who blinded him. As for Wahlberg, the man wanted to meet the actor so he could forgive him.

Trinh told the publication he considered Wahlberg “young and reckless but I forgive him now… everyone deserves another chance.”

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Wahlberg, who spent 45-days in jail for the crime, which included attempting to steal alcohol, wants a pardon for the crime so he could reach out and speak with kids, as well as work with law enforcement. Mark recently heard about Trinh’s forgiveness and had an emotional response to it.

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According to Vulture, Wahlberg was overwhelmed when he heard about Trinh’s response.

“Especially because I’ve carried the burden around for so many years thinking I had caused this guy to go blind,” said Wahlberg. “The graciousness, the kindness in his heart to forgive me anyway for my unnecessary and horrible actions…”

According to the Vulture reporter, Wahlberg grew silent and paused for “a long time” before continuing on with his thought.

“You know, there are many things that I’ve dealt with in my past, and being a devout Catholic and knowing that I can’t be forgiven unless I can forgive, I just thought that what he said was very special. I was overwhelmed with emotion.”

Currently, Mark Wahlberg is promoting his new film The Gambler. In the film, the actor plays a college professor who owes a ton of money to a loan shark and gangsters.

For the role, the actor lost 60 pounds, but the real challenge was to make everyone buy that he could pass as a professor.

At the time, he said, “Being believable as a teacher was one of my greatest challenges and most rewarding. It meant being able to have the comfort to really understand and say those words.”

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