WWE News: WWE Superstars Motivated To Make WWE TLC Great After WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution

Let’s face facts: WWE NXT Takeover: R Evolution could probably go down as the best pro-wrestling PPV of 2014. Heck, it could go down as one of the best in WWE history. What is so interesting is that it was WWE NXT, not the main roster, that gave us a great show. The WWE NXT stars are developmental talent WWE signed to be the future of the company. However, on Thursday night they, pretty much said “screw the future, the future is now.”

WWE Network numbers could increase if WWE NXT continues to do this well. Many were blown away by this, however. According to the Wrestling Observer, there is a lot of motivation to not be blown away after the NXT special backstage.

WWE Superstars and Divas are said to be focused on making WWE TLC great to compete with the younger talent. The Observer claimed that due to the success and talk going around about WWE NXT after Thursday, WWE TLC is now going to be better than it would have been if NXT would have just been average.

Basically, the main roster saw how great the show was, and everyone took notice. The NXT roster laid down some major motivation for the main roster. They pretty much told them, whatever you can do… we can do it better. However, the main roster is “the main roster” for a reason. Can they better their show just to prove that NXT is still the developmental territory for WWE?

Many think that the main roster doesn’t have it in them. Online, many are claiming that they are now disinterested in seeing what WWE TLC will bring because WWE NXT was so great. If you check forums or pages discussing WWE, many feel that the main roster cannot top what NXT brought to the table.

Triple H has done an amazing job with NXT. Reddit’s Squared Circle group took notice, and actually sent Trips a $127 fruit basket to WWE headquarters in Connecticut on Friday. Triple H couldn’t be there to get it, as he is still in Orlando, Florida for NXT shows. He did put a message on Twitter thanking the group, and it appears that the fruit is not going to waste at all.

That said, the internet seems to be far more behind the developmental roster right now. The main roster probably has to give us better content at this point with WWE TLC. We could see them take a lot of chances, or even do some interesting things we may have not seen. NXT set the bar, now let us see if the main roster can top it.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]