Louis Tomlinson Watches Liam Payne Do What? Singer’s Shocking Confession

Louis Tomlinson Creeps Out Liam Payne

Louis Tomlinson creeped out band mate Liam Payne by spying on him during a private moment.

Metro recently interviewed One Direction, and the boys naturally turned the topic of conversation to their bodily functions. According to the Irish Independent, Liam Payne seemed particularly keen to chat about the subject. He revealed that living with four other guys isn’t always easy when he recounted an awkward bathroom incident involving Louis Tomlinson.

“You walked past me having a wee the other day,” Liam told Louis.

“The toilet in the hotel had a window and I was having a p**s and then I turned around and he was looking at me.”

Tomlinson tried to explain that he wasn’t trying to spy on Liam — the band was just staying in a hotel with windows in the bathroom.

Before he talked about being the target of a toilet Peeping Tom, Payne shared some trivia about Niall Horan’s windy bowels.

“To be fair, Niall, you do let rip at random occasions. And they are proud farts. They are not quiet ones. They are not smelly. But they are musical. Did you know that Niall can’t burp?”

Medical professionals probably wouldn’t agree with Horan’s explanation for how he ended up being gas-free on one end and extra gassy on the other.

“I had colic [a condition involving frequent crying] as a child and didn’t have power over my muscles in my throat. The muscles moved down here [points to bottom].”

Unfortunately for Louis Tomlinson, gassy band mates and embarrassing stories about his wandering eyes are the least of his worries right now. According to Unreality TV, Louis Tomlinson recently tweeted that he’s too sick to perform at the 2014 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes.

Hopefully Louis is ready to deal with wild speculation about his absence — the last time Zayn Malik got sick and had to miss an appearance, Matt Lauer suggested that he might suffer from a substance abuse problem. Fans also worried that Zayn’s absence was a sign that he was about to walk away from One Direction. After learning about Tomlinson’s illness, Directioners flooded the singer’s Twitter page with messages begging him to get better.

One cheeky fan also referenced Matt Lauer’s comment about Zayn Malik abusing drugs.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson will face similar rumors by missing the NRJ Music Awards?

[Image credit: One Direction/Instagram]