Mom Sings Her Baby To Sleep And Becomes A Viral Sensation Overnight! [Video]

UPDATE: Since this article was posted in December, a lot of has changed for the mom who went viral for singing her baby to sleep! Find out what's new for Kimberly Henderson by going here!

One woman uploaded a video on a whim of her singing the Sam Smith version of "How Will I Know" to YouTube.

Kimberly Henderson, of Sumter, South Carolina chose the song in order to help get her 1-year-old daughter, Vaida, to go back to sleep.

Although the video quality isn't the greatest, it's of little importance. Kimberly Henderson has an angelic voice, and it easily soothes her little girl back to sleep. You can see the baby starting to doze back off near the end of the video.

Henderson's sister reportedly filmed her singing, and Henderson herself made the call to share her video on Facebook the same night and then went to bed.

The 26-year-old mom was not prepared for what happened next.

Henderson told ABC News that the next morning she awoke to found that her lullaby had gone viral. It left the mom "in awe."

"I don't even know where to start. I uploaded it to Facebook, and everybody just started sharing the crap out of it. And then the radio station in Seattle uploaded it, and it's gotten like 4 million views."

The clip was made over Thanksgiving weekend but didn't hit the internet until December.

95.7 KJR was the radio station that happened upon the Kimberly Henderson's video and shared it via Facebook.

"When this baby girl wakes up, Mom sings for her and the rest is MAGIC.. Baby is lucky Mum has such an AMAZING Voice, right? Thank you, Kimberly, you have a beautiful voice!"

Kimberly Henderson continues to be amazed and overwhelmed at the positive feedback.

"I didn't even think the video was that good," said Henderson. "I was hesitant on even posting it because I look so awful, but my sister was like, 'Nobody will care what you look like because everyone's listening to your voice.'"

Kimberly's sister was right. Sometimes the quality of the content is more important than the quality of the video. And when you have a voice like Kimberly Henderson, it will easily outshine a low-resolution option.

Now that Henderson has been discovered by the YouTube population and music lovers the world over, it's wondered if she'll post any additional songs. If you explore her channel, you'll see that Kimberly Henderson has a few covers already uploaded.

As for her baby Vaida, she's very lucky to have a parent who can sing beautiful melodies to her whenever she wants.

It's not the first time a mom/baby duo has gone viral in recent years.

This mom sang a lovely cover of "Мy Неаrt Cаn't Tеll Yоu Nо" to her 10-month-old daughter, which inspired the baby to start crying. The manner of the infant's suggested to viewers that she understood the emotion behind the song, a sentiment that helped the video to go viral.

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