Disney Places ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie On Slate After ‘Star Wars’

Disney CEO Bob Iger recently revealed that the company is still interested in creating more films in the Indiana Jones franchise. Iger attended a recent breakfast with Variety, where reporter Marc Graser was live tweeting the event. Graser reported Bob’s hopes for more Indiana Jones, and why fans will have to wait for the potential reboot.

IGN reports that the film will still be many years in the making due to the multiple Star Wars films that are planned. With Harrison Ford not getting any younger, the time span between now and the release of Indiana Jones may create the need for a younger hero.

“The fact that they aren’t in a hurry to make more films might suggest the studio is leaning towards a reboot instead of another film starring Harrison Ford.”

Iger’s breakfast with Variety also revealed Disney’s plans on a variety of projects, says Graser, writing for Variety after the event. Bob revealed that the studio, which reduced its slate to only 13 films a year under Rich Ross’s direction, will increase that number to 21 over the span of three years. Disney does not have any major acquisition plans in the future. Indiana Jones was one acquisition during Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilms, Maker Studios, Marvel, and Pixar.

“I don’t rule out a possibility for another large acquisition, [but] there’s nothing imminent. We don’t have strong strategic holes or deficits. There’s no big need right now. We’re fortunate as a company that we have an unbelievably strong balance sheet. We have more than enough to do.”

Iger’s concern for quality may mean fewer controversial refrigerator scenes in future Indiana Jones films.

“It’s not about how much you make, it’s about how good the quality is. You’ll be better off as a company making fewer things and concentrating on those and how you bring those to market… in a very less cluttered way, even though the marketplace is more cluttered.”

Disney acquired the rights to Indiana Jones when it purchased Lucasfilm in 2013. As reported by the Inquisitr, rumors flew after the purchase of a reboot starring a younger actor in the role of Indiana Jones. Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson, and others have been linked with the franchise.

Harrison Ford has also indicated multiple times that he would enjoy playing Indiana again. It is not certain that he did indeed strike a deal with Disney to play Han Solo for the upcoming Star Wars sequels only if he were also able to star in another Indiana Jones.

[Photo Source: MoviePilot]