Chinese TV Hostess Dies Exactly 100 Days After Delivering Her Baby – The Reason Will Make You Cry

Parents are known to go to great lengths in order to secure the future of their children. But Chinese TV hostess Qiu Yuanyuan made the biggest sacrifice of them all. She sacrificed her own life to save her child.

Qiu Yuanyuan succumbed to cancer recently. Though she might have survived after being subjected to intense chemotherapy early on, she stubbornly refused. Qiu refused chemotherapy mainly because she was pregnant with her son at that time. Qiu Yuanyuan, 26, from Zhengzhou, in the central province of Henan, China, died on Wednesday – exactly 100 days after giving birth to her son, Niannian.

The story of her selfless act to ensure her unborn son gets a decent and healthy shot at life by refusing chemotherapy has been one of the hottest topics in China, and over 10 million people have either paid their respects or praised her, reported Channel News Asia.

Even while suffering the effects of advanced stages of cancer, Qiu steadfastly nurtured her son within her.

During the time, while speaking to a local newspaper, Qiu’s husband said, “After getting married, becoming a mother was her biggest wish.”

Though suffering emotionally having watched the cancer steadily ravaging her body, her husband understood her resolve.

“She chose to save our child; she understood that not everything in life can be perfect. And she said she had never regretted her decision.”

Qiu hosted a popular show on Zhengzhou Television Station, which featured players competing in various forms of chess. During the show’s peak, Qiu learned she was pregnant in March, but her happiness was brutally cut short, when the results of routine physical examination came back from the lab. The results revealed Qiu was suffering from a late-stage malignant tumor.

Qiu Yuanyuan Was Hosting A Popular TV Show, When She Learnt She Was Pregnant

High intensity chemotherapy would have arrested the spread of cancer, and perhaps helped Qiu live. However, the therapy would have jeopardized the life of her son. In order to prevent the baby being harmed by chemotherapy, Qiu decided to halt her treatment, which allowed the cancer to spread.

When Qiu’s condition deteriorated extensively, she was rushed to a hospital where her son, Niannian, was delivered by Caesarean section. Niannian was inside Qiu for just seven months, and weighed only 1.5 kg at birth, reported China.

Subsequent to the delivery, Qiu was rushed to cancer treatment, where doctors successfully extracted a large portion of the malignant tumor. Thereafter, Qiu was subjected to chemotherapy, but it was too little and too late. Despite undergoing more than 20 days of chemotherapy, her doctors said the chances of her being cured were very low, and they eventually advised Qiu to just halt the treatment and spend her last few days with her son at their home.

Qiu passed away on Wednesday, but she did witness the traditional ceremony performed by the Chinese, wherein they celebrate 100 days of the child since birth.

[Image Credit | AFP, Weibo]