Ted Haggard speaks out: still denying he’s gay

Disgraced former Evangelical preacher Ted Haggard is hitting the press after 2 years in seclusion to sell his side of his gay sex and drugs scandal.

Haggard, once a favorite of the Bush Administration, was caught out in 2006 when it was disclosed he was paying for sex and ice from a gay prostitute, despite him being one of the most anti-gay pastors in the evangelical movement.

Two years later, and the gay hating Haggard is still in denial, telling reporters that he’s a “heterosexual with issues.”

From ABC:

Now, after two years of intensive psychotherapy, Haggard said he has finally figured out his own sexuality. He calls himself heterosexual, “with issues.” He said he no longer struggles with his sexuality. On occasion he still imagines being with men, but he says these thoughts are “not compelling.”

“I don’t fit into a neat little box,” he said.

He says if he were gay, it would be a sin.

“With my belief system, I believe that I need to be faithful to my wife. I need to be honorable to her. And I can be now. It’s not a struggle at all now,” he said. “I love my intimate relationship with my wife. I’m not gay.”

Although he doesn’t wish to categorize himself as gay, Haggard acknowledged that his religion forced him to suppress a fundamental part of who he is.

“People can judge me,” he said. “I think it’s fair that they judge me and that they think that I’m not being real with myself.”


Yeah, and having sex with men means your not gay, or even bisexual…give me a break. Haggard is appearing on Oprah, ABC News and other shows this week.