‘The Maze Runner’ Deleted Scenes Show How Thomas Picked His Route

The Maze Runner is just one of a number of different teen science fiction books that have been turned into movies in the last few years and have gained a rather popular following. Unlike Divergent and The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner doesn’t have quite the cult following of the other films. Still, when The Maze Runner comes out on DVD on December 16, it stands to reason more than a few copies are going to find their way underneath Christmas trees.

Ahead of The Maze Runner’s release on DVD, MTV News has come across some deleted scenes that shed a little bit of light on one particular plot point that could be a bit confusing for those who have only seen the movie in the theaters. These deleted scenes are only online at the moment, but will be included on the Maze Runner DVD and Blu-Ray when they hit store shelves next week. For those who haven’t seen the movie and don’t want to know anything about how it unfolds, the scenes also include a number of spoilery content.

In the scenes, Dylan Thomas of Teen Wolf fame is playing his beloved character Thomas. As one of the Maze Runners central to the story line, Thomas eventually finds a way through the twists and turns he and his compatriots have to survive.

So how exactly did Thomas get the inside scoop on how to get the right route through the maze? It turns out the runner got his inside info from another one of the characters who was trying to get away from the alien Grievers. Minho, played by Ki Hong Lee, hands over the information on the inside of the route to Thomas. The deleted scenes also feature another well loved character from the book and the movie in Teresa (Kaya Scodelario).

It stands to reason that these Maze Runner deleted scenes were left out because director Wes Ball wanted a little more time to insert more of the over-the-top action. The move seemed to make the film a hit amongst its target audience, but the scenes are a nice touch to the DVD release considering we get to see a bit more character development. It does need to be pointed out that this particular scene might have been helpful in explaining exactly why Thomas was able to succeed the way he did. You’ll be able to see this background info and more when The Maze Runner DVD and Blu-Ray releases on December 16.