'The Interview': Two Reasons Why You Should, Two Reasons Why You Shouldn't Watch Seth Rogen's New Film

Spoiler Alert: This is not a direct review of The Interview yet. There is, however, a good reason to review a movie that you have not seen. Censorship, for one, and because crazies do not want us to watch or discuss The Interview. Call me spiteful, but it was hard to resist not commenting.

However, will this writer watch the absurd Seth Rogen comedy? You will know by the end of this writing. If you have ideological sympathies, a love of commie totalitarians (e.g. Kim Jong Un), or are part of an angry "hacker" group, you might want to look away. With that disclaimer out of the way, hats off to Sony and the others involved with The Interview, for not canceling the film.

Granted, it is still early, but it did survive production and premiere. Apparently, Seth Rogen was forced to "tone down" a certain already spoiled scene in the film, according to the Guardian. Since some of us loathe spoilers, suffice it to say a character's death included "flaming hair" and "head chunks," the Guardian further reported.

It is funny, but when certain filmmakers named Tarantino were massacring the face of a certain famous dictator, there was no one digitally disrupting production companies or threatening violence. Just because those dictators are dead means nothing. Salon writes that we have a long history of dictator satire.

In any case, you were promised two reasons why you should watch Seth Rogen's The Interview, and two why you should not. Though that does seem convoluted, you will understand soon.

Two Reasons You Should Watch The Interview

#1) The Interview might just be funny.

True. It is not nationwide. It has barely made it into "select" theaters, so lets give it chance. It is fair to say that other Seth Rogen films have been mediocre, but every film deserves its day in theaters nationwide. Well, at least that is my opinion, and I saw Open Water in theaters.

#2) Evil people do not want us to see Seth Rogen's film.

It is a simple, biological reaction to the action of being told "no." You cannot do that! You're chicken, McFly! If you want an example of the so-called biological reaction, see: young children, dogs, misc. pets. The simple fact that this group told us not to meant, thousands if not millions, of people said "I kind of want to see that now."

Censorship is rampant in any country, but in America it is rarely tolerated without a fight. In all honestly, if Guardians of Peace really did not want us to see The Interview, they probably should've told us it was awesome! Go see this film! One-hundred percent North Korean dictator approved! My name is Kim Jong Un, and I approve this film. The reaction would have been different.

So, after that convincing argument, "Why would you not want to watch it?"

Two Reasons You Should Not Watch Seth Rogen in The Interview

#1) We know the ending to The Interview!

These "hackers" are truly the biggest spoilers I have ever seen. I hope Star Wars: The Force Awakens does not make them angry, or a decade long wait for a film will be diminished in one juvenile, "peace"-minded move. There is a reason they call them "spoilers" -- once you know them, the film is like spoiled milk. Chunky, stinky, and better off thrown out. I doubt it was meant to be Inception, so it is still worth giving it a try.

#2) Seth Rogen... is not that funny.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Zack and Miri, and many others were honestly more crude than amusing. Often times, Rogen is only funny to Seth Rogen. In his defense, that is not a reason to ban or cancel a film, but it is a reason not to watch. In this case, you should thank the "G.O.P." and Kim Jong Un. A lot of us will be seeing this film now, regardless of quality.

The Interview

Rotten Tomatoes has it rated at 44 percent fresh so far, and Forbes says "it is not worth the price Sony paid for it," but that is not the point.

So, it is true Seth Rogen is not as funny as Seth Rogen thinks he is, but that is not a reason to censor films for foreign dictators. It also isn't a reason to ban or cancel a film. Uptight, joyless, and stuck up authoritarians can apparently band together a "hacker" group and blackmail companies over the internet to suit their agenda.

It is almost if the greatest threat from North Korea or Kim Jun Un is not Nuclear weapons, but cyber warfare. This writer was actually going to wait for the DVD copy of The Interview, but thanks to the Sony digital promotion team... er, rather, "Guardians of Peace", I will be purchasing a ticket.

There will always be dictators. There will always be bullies. Seth Rogen will continue to make films, even if they set some comic book films back two decades (The Green Hornet). The Inquisitr reports that he even makes more money than better actors.

How we respond to them says more about us, than their initial actions says about them. I can not speak for Guardians of Peace, but should we take Kim Jong Un's opinion seriously? Not unless you find Dennis Rodman illuminating?

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