Michelle Obama Breaks World Record With 300,000 Jumping Jack Friends [Video]

Michelle Obama is officially a member of the Guinness Book of World Records. The first lady and 300,265 people set a world record last October for the most people to do jumping jacks in a 24-hour period.

The Christian Science Monitor reports that Michelle Obama led 464 elementary and middle school students in jumping jacks in front of the White House. Similar jumping jack events were held by people around the world.

The jumping jacks record was part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign which encourages people to get outside and move. The Let’s Move website reads:

“Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled, and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese. The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40 percent of the children are overweight or obese.”

Obama said that she was proud of the 300,265 people who participated in the record breaking event, but also said that the world record wasn’t the goal of the event. Obama said:

“It’s not just about jumping jacks or even a world record. We’ve got an even bigger goal to go after: ending childhood obesity in a generation so that all our kids will grow up healthy and strong.”

Michelle Obama announced the world record today in a video.

The event was organized with the help of National Geographic Kids. The magazine writes:

“Way to go jumpers! With your help, National Geographic Kids has broken the Guinness World Record for the most people doing jumping jacks in a 24-hour period!”

Are you one of the 300,265 people who are now world record holders?