Sam Raimi Might Return For Future Spider-Man Films, Sony Email Hacking Confirms

Sam Raimi has been back in the news for a long-awaited, oft talked about full-scale entrance into the television. The Evil Dead’s descent into the TV world has been a long time coming, but certainly relished by fans of the cult film trilogy. The film launched his career, and subsequently, he made a few bouts into the superhero genre.

Once, in an attempt to secure rights to The Shadow and Batman, he created the cult comic book hero Darkman. He produced M.A.N.T.IS. as a foray into the TV superhero realm. Then, his live-action version of Spider Man became a blockbuster hit.

Unfortunately, after the convoluted Spider-Man 3 and a failed attempt to pull together Spider-Man 4, Sony pictures moved on to reboot the series as The Amazing Spider-Man.

Apparently, The Amazing Spider-Man must not being doing as well as many had thought. Cinema Blend reports that the leaked Sony emails, from the most recent hacking scandal, were found to have discussions between Sony and Sam Raimi, seeking guidance. Sam Raimi’s name was in the original report when the hacking scandal was first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the emails, Marvel was looking retrieve Spider-Man in time for their film Captain America: Civil War. The deal fell through at this point, but reportedly the studio had chosen to contact someone for advice. Sam Raimi was mentioned in the report as someone who was sought out for advice on how to return the Spider Man franchise to its former high-grossing past.

According to Comic Book Movie, the original Wall Street Journal report was edited to remove his name. No details have emerged as to why his name was taken out. Prior to that edit, the report from WSJ read like this.

“Ms. Pascal also talked to Sam Raimi, who directed the studio’s first three ‘Spider-Man’ movies, about returning to the franchise, possibly to direct again or as a producer.”

This all comes as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 garnered lackluster reviews, and the third installment of the Spider-Man reboot lost its release date. The Sinister Six film has gone from release date to up in the air, and the Venom film has done the same, according to Screen Rant.

As far as Spider-Man and the Civil War film’s future, it is anybody’s guess, but some, like the Inquisitr, have suggested the possibility of ditching Peter Parker for Miles Morales. Morales was the next man to pick up the web slingers, and would make an easy transition since he was not very different from the Peter Parker original. Miguel O’Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099, would certainly be interesting, as some of the stories getting very sci-fi.

Either way, it is safe to say that with Sony’s current and past failing with everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man, a new direction might be the best course.

What are your thoughts? Keep Peter Parker, reboot Peter Parker, or move onto another Spider-Man?

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[Image Via Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons]