Learn What Happens When Kids Try To Rob A Bank With Toy Guns [Video]

Two kids thought they had what it takes to rob a bank with fake M-16 assault rifles, but the incident didn’t go down as the boys expected.

The two kids, a 12-year-old and a 13- year-old, were captured by CCTV Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon Lezion right before they allegedly entered the bank to rob it with their toy guns, according to Sky News.

The children wore hooded shirts in the video, and one child looked as though he wore a backpack and carried a gun.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the kids entered the bank on Wednesday and yelled, “This is a holdup!”

According to the police in Israel, the kids couldn’t handle the pressure of the seriousness of the situation and decided they couldn’t rob the bank after all. They fled the bank without any cash, but the boys had succeeded in scaring the staff with the fake assault rifles, Rosenfeld said.

“They were toy guns but they looked real. The people in the bank were scared, but then the suspects ran out without taking any money.”

The Blaze reported the kids were identified by security cameras in the bank and local police tracked them to their homes where they were arrested.

The kids insisted they weren’t really trying to rob the bank, but they just wanted to “play a joke.”

The police didn’t get the joke, and the two kids were taken to the police station. A lawyer, Gil Gabay, believed the kids were being treated unfairly by the authorities.

“We are talking about children aged 12 and 13 who were arrested last night. They were investigated during the night against legal instructions. They slept on a chair in the police station. I think they should have been treated differently. I don’t think they should have been treated like criminals.”

The kids, who hid their faces in court, will hopefully take this lesson seriously and never try to rob a bank again.

[Video via YouTube/Sky News]