Motorcyclist Electrocuted By Falling High Voltage Cable In Freak Accident

A motorcyclist in China was killed in a freak accident when a high voltage line fell on top of him, causing the unfortunate man to burst into flames.

According to the Daily Mail, 33-year-old Shaiming Liang was riding his motorcycle on a main road when the accident happened in southern China’s Jiangxi province. The falling power line struck Shaiming directly in the head, causing his body to burst into flames. His motorcycle then exploded, killing Shaiming almost instantly.

Photographs of the scene show that after striking the motorcyclist, the electrical line wrapped around his neck, burning itself into place as he touched it. Bystanders were shocked, according to 27-year-old Gang Shih, who witnessed the motorcyclist’s accident.

Shaiming Liang, 33, burst into flames as soon as the power line struck him.
A motorcyclist in China was killed when a power line fell directly on his head.

“It was horrible. I heard a bang and someone scream, and when I looked I saw smoke coming from a crash scene.”

“At first I didn’t realize that the crash was just one person. But then I saw it was just a bike and no other vehicles, and that a high voltage cable had fallen on the driver.”

“The smoke was coming from the man, if was as if pouring out from his body and then he burst into flames. I’ll never forget the sight… it’s burned into my memory.”

The motorcycle exploded, killing Shaiming.
The power line wrapped around the motorcyclist's neck as he drove, causing him to burst into flames immediately.

The motorcyclist’s death comes just two months after another unusual auto accident made headlines in China. According to the Telegraph, a middle-aged man in Kunshan city in east China’s Jiangsu province survived an accident in which he was hit by three cars. Trying to cross a road on the evening of October 28, Li lying was knocked to the ground by a car and struck by a second vehicle. While rescuers attempted to assist him, a car stopped to offer help. Hit from behind by another vehicle, it was pushed forward, slightly running over Li, who amazingly recovered despite fractures to his leg and ribs.

Earlier this year, a motorcyclist was killed in a freak accident in Utah after a group of Boy Scouts felled a tree for firewood. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the motorcyclist crashed into the tree and, though he was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, was confirmed to have died at the scene by a doctor who was with the group.

[Image via the Daily Mail]