Bella Thorne Nabs Role In MTV’s ‘Scream’: How Long Will Her Character Last?

Bella Thorne worked with Drew Barrymore in the movie Blended, so perhaps she asked the older actress for advice on how to recreate one of her most iconic movie scenes.

It seems as though Thorne is trying to rebrand herself as a scream queen as she leaves her Disney days behind, and what better way to become a horror darling than by recreating Drew Barrymore’s death scene from the 1996 movie Scream?

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bella Thorne recently revealed that she’s been cast in the pilot for MTV’s Scream. The TV series is a reboot of the popular Scream movie franchise that featured a changing cast of sadistic killers hiding behind the same creepy “Ghostface” mask.

During a Facebook Q&A, Bella responded to a fan who asked her if it’s true that she’ll be appearing in the first episode of the MTV series.

“yes it is true. i will re-enact the famous scene of drew barrymore in the original series.”

Fans of the original Scream movie know why Bella Thorne is only appearing in the first episode of the TV series. Unfortunately, Bella didn’t reveal whether she’ll be rocking Drew Barrymore’s blonde bob in the pilot.

According to TV Line, the plot for the Scream TV pilot revolves around a YouTube video that goes viral. It serves “as the catalyst for a murder” that “opens up a window” to the bloody past of the town of Woodsboro.

Entertainment Weekly revealed who will be playing the main characters in the series, which will likely hit the small screen sometime next October.

Willa Fitzgerald portrays a shy intellectual named Emma Duval. She and her former BFF drift apart after Emma becomes a member of the “in” crowd.

Amy Forsyth stars as Emma’s former friend Audrey Jensen. She’s an “artsy loner” and aspiring filmmaker.

John Karna plays computer whiz Noah Foster. Noah is Audrey’s new BFF, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture.

The cast also includes Carlson Young as popular sexpot Brooke Maddox and Amadeus Serafini as Kieran Wilcox, “the mysterious new kid in town.”

Obviously, MTV hasn’t revealed who will be playing the new and improved Ghostface (the killer is getting an even creepier mask), but one thing’s for sure — the serial killer won’t have to ask Bella Thorne if she likes scary movies. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Bella will encounter a different kind of evil in the upcoming horror flick Amityville: The Awakening. Next year, she’ll also star alongside The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs in another house-centric horror film titled Home Invasion.

Bella Thorne isn’t the only young starlet trying to mold herself into a scream queen. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Scream 4 actress Emma Roberts has scored a part in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming FOX series, Scream Queens. Emma currently stars in Murphy’s horror anthology, American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Because Thorne gets killed off so fast on Scream, maybe she should try to convince Murphy to let her get murdered again on Scream Queens. Horror fans can only hope that Ryan’s series will also hit the airwaves next October, setting the stage for an epic Halloween slasher showdown.

Are you looking forward to seeing Bella Thorne chat with Ghostface on MTV’s Scream?

[Image credits: Bella Thorne/Instagram, Dimension Films]