Leaked Screenshot Shows That A Big Change Is Coming To Your Xbox One Dashboard

Xbox One owners, get ready for your console to get a whole new look in the near future. New screenshots of what appears to be an unreleased console update show that Microsoft has some changes in store for the Xbox One, and the look of your dashboard might get quite a bit prettier in the coming months.

The new screenshots come courtesy of Reddit user mkmkd (h/t: GottaBeMobile), who reportedly came across them while watching Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) broadcasting from his own console this week. What’s the big change? Well, it appears that Major Nelson’s Xbox One dashboard shows off quite a bit more of his background image than do those of other Xbox One owners.

Nelson’s console appears to have transparent system tiles for all of the non-game icons visible on his Xbox One dashboard. At least visually, that’s a pretty big distinction from the looks Microsoft has allowed so far on the Xbox One.

xbox one dashboard update
It looks like a forthcoming system update for Microsoft's Xbox One will give users transparent dashboard tiles, allowing them to see more of their dashboard backgrounds.

The takeaway appears to be that Microsoft will soon allow Xbox One owners a greater deal of flexibility in customization than they’ve been accustomed to so far. With transparent system tiles, the background theme you choose for your Xbox One will be a lot more visible, so choose wisely.

And when can you expect this new look to arrive on your own Xbox One console? Well, that appears to be the question of the day. Microsoft has already noted that there would be no December Xbox One update, so that pushes the transparent tiles at least until January. Microsoft will be showing off Windows 10 next month, though, so it’s possible that the changes to the Xbox One’s dashboard will make their debut at that time.

Even without an update to the look of its dashboard, the Xbox One has seen a sales boost in recent weeks. Microsoft’s console crossed the 10-million-shipped mark just this past month, and this week brought news that the Xbox One had surpassed Sony’s PlayStation 4 in monthly sales in the United States and the United Kingdom.

“Response to the holiday lineup of games on Xbox One was incredible, with Xbox One fans buying more games in November in the U.S. than any other gen-eight platform and enjoying over 357 million hours of gameplay globally,” Mike Nichols, corporate vice president of Xbox marketing, said in a statement. “In fact, more fans logged into Xbox Live across Xbox One and Xbox 360, and enjoyed more entertainment, than any other month in the history of Xbox.”

[Lead image via WinBeta]