Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey To Keep The Peace Over The Holidays, Yet The Diva Remains Distraught

Family is clearly of utmost importance to Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, as Inquisitr has recently reported. The two are in the middle of a separation and are making steps towards divorce, yet are dedicated to ensuring that togetherness is a priority for the sake of their twins over holiday time. Or is the on-again, off-again repetitious dance the two are doing more to maintain Mariah’s stability?

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are set on making it a peaceful holiday for children Monroe and Morrocan, Hollywood Take

Sources say that friends are quite concerned that a definite split between Cannon and the diva-songbird will be overly stressful for her and we all remember how extreme stress affected Mariah in 2001 when she was sent into meltdown mode. Though the two are ensuring to keep good face and present themselves to the public as a solid duo whether together or not, People notes “that their divorce is heating up behind the scenes.”

After Carey was 3 hours late for her Rockefeller Center Christmas performance at which she kept fans waiting in the rain, apparently due to being on a five hour phone call with her lawyers, more sources have come forward relaying how Mariah is struggling to cope. One source tells People that “She’s trying to keep it together. She’s focused on caring for her children and her upcoming five sold-out Christmas engagements in New York.”

For months now reports have been indicating that the divorce between Carey and Cannon is confirmed and becoming more and more contentious, however the two are maintaining the peace over the holiday season and have shared that they intend to “keep up traditions,” as Young Herald reports. And although the divorce proceedings took a nasty turn last week, after arguments were sparked over custody and property, Nick Cannon remains adamant to keep unity with Mariah when it comes to their children stating ” they are looking ahead to be family forever.”

Cannon who has been working endlessly since their split earlier this year, and who has recently been promoting his children’s book, is also apparently worth more post-split from the singer, as Hollywood Take reports.

“[I]t must be awkward for Carey to see their professional lives and net worth going in such different directions. Cannon has seemingly worked non-stop since the separation, and he continues to rack up gigs. Besides thePeople hosting gig and the new book, he also will recur on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and will host the revival of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. And he still maintains some of his long-term jobs, including hosting gigs on America’s Got Talent and TeenNick. Mariah Carey, meanwhile, is struggling with poor album sales and the possibility of losing her signature pipes. Her embarrassing performance at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lightingwent viral for all the wrong reasons, and it’s unclear if she will ever regain the music career she once had. And her overspending just further contributes to her plummeting net worth.”

Watch Nick Cannon discuss his new children’s book and share his ideas in regards to family.

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