‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot Cast Interest Leaked: Will Jennifer Lawrence Be In It? Did Sony Threaten To Sue Bill Murray?

The Sony hack has brought forth a lot of drama and a lot of problems for plenty of people. It’s well known that Angelina Jolie isn’t very happy with what came from it all. Still, it’s doing a lot more and bringing forth a lot of information that really shouldn’t be out there yet, and that includes news on Ghostbusters and the possible cast for it. Could Jennifer Lawrence take hold of a proton pack?

Bloody-Disgusting reported that not only has the cast interest for the reboot of Ghostbusters been leaked out, but even the news that Bill Murray may have been the subject of a lawsuit from Sony.

It’s been well known for a long time now that Bill Murray wasn’t really going to be a part of Ghostbusters 3 or a Ghostbusters reboot. Back in September, he even offered up the women he would choose for an all-new female group.

Now it seems as if the higher-ups at Sony actually contemplated suing Murray so that he would appear in Ghostbusters 3 as Dr. Peter Venkman. The Daily Beast reported the following.

“An email dated October 31, 2013, from David Steinberg, head of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s legal department, to Leah Weil, SPE’s general counsel, touches on Bill Murray’s alleged reluctance to star in Paul Feig’s planned all-women Ghostbusters adaptation. If the email exchange is to be believed, Sony was planning ‘aggressive’ litigation counsel to evaluate the situation, but wanted to keep it quiet so as not to harm the studio’s reputation by publicly going after a celebrated actor like Murray.”

That’s just rather insane that an actor would be sued in order to appear in a film, but worse things have been done.

With Paul Feig now at the helm of the Ghostbusters reboot, other emails have come out about who may be in the all-female cast and it’s a good one. An email from October 8 went from Amy Pascal to Ivan Reitman, the director and producer of the original Ghostbusters. Some big time details were revealed for the film.

“Paul’s movie is gonna be the first one and from what I’m hearing jennifer lawrence and Emma stone and Melissa McCarthy and Amy schumer and liszzy [Lizzy] Kaplan just to name a few have already said thy wanted to be in….”

McCarthy has been rumored for Ghostbusters for some time now, but back in late October, she shot down rumors she was already on board.

The email went on to say that this “isn’t a sequel to the 80s movies and it is gonna be totally original with completely different characters and our job is to find a clever way to connect the movie to the original franchise.” It makes sense to keep the old franchise alive but go in new directions now.

This could end up being a dream cast for the reboot of Ghostbusters, and having Jennifer Lawrence in it would bring severe award-winning power. Now, nothing is confirmed for the 2016 release as of yet, but it seems like the studio is going big and not going home.

[Image via We Got This Covered]