Boxed Christmas Cards and Alternatives: Get Cracking on Your Christmas List!

It’s December 12th, and crunch time for Christmas cards has officially set in.

If you engage in this yearly chore, it’s probably one of the most time consuming activities you must undertake during the busy holiday season. Address lists, trips to the post office, obtaining working pens… and that’s before you have to write the things out. Boxed Christmas cards have been the standard when it comes to holiday greetings for decades, but as the digital age becomes more and more influential, there are lots of alternatives to the standard option.

If you’ve tired of boxed Christmas cards, there are two options that might make your Christmas post a bit more interesting, easier to manage or just different.

Try Etsy… While handmade Christmas cards aren’t always the most cost efficient option, they’re a good alternative to cookie cutter boxed Christmas cards without going the photo route. Sure, a snapshot on a Christmas card is always nice, but you can get a different custom option through one of Etsy’s legions of creative sellers. Photo options abound for those who want a picture and something other than the Walmart-style photo Christmas card. And if you’re worried about shipping times, a lot of Etsy sellers are offering home-printable versions of their one of a kind, artistic layouts.

Christmas card apps… Buying boxed Christmas cards and filling them out is a time suck, but if you’ve got everyone’s address in your phone, you can send physical Christmas cards via apps like Sincerely Ink and Apple Cards. You can choose a layout, add a message, include a photo, and the companies will print and send your card for a reasonable cost.

Are you sending boxed Christmas cards this year, or are you taking a different route?